Map and portfolio of Lucente Homes

After a lifetime of planning, developing and building, the properties marked in blue are still in the possession of Rocco P. Lucente, and are managed by his wife Waltraud Lucente. Rocco Lucente developed most of the Northeast of Ithaca New York, for example the apartments on Tareyton Drive, and provided housing for thousands of people.

In 1960 he started to build an apartment complex known as Sprucewood Apartments. Next on the horizon was the development of the Sapsucker Woods area as well as the houses on Cardinal Drive in the Town of Dryden.

In 1970, Rocco Lucente began the construction of the Village Apartments Complex in the Town of Lansing. His last major projects in the Northeast of Ithaca were known as Briarwood Phase 1 and Briarwood Phase 2, also known as Birchwood/Briarwood Estates. After that, he started a new project, a 12 unit luxury apartment building in the Town of Lansing.

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